Viscose jersey
Natural and synthetic dye

In 2013, I left New York City to pursue a master’s education in Fibers & Materials Studies. During those two years, I studied dye processes, soft sculpture, sewing, history of craft, costume, and adornment. Forever enamored with the body, I created Alla Studios, named after my mother, the first woman who taught me how to sew. Making clothing was a way to expand the vocabulary I’d thus far perfected: that of sewing to create garments for important and inspirational people in my life. Yoga teachers. Breath-work practitioners. Art historians. Architects. Medicine women. Musicians. I never intended to make fashionable clothes; but rather, ceremonial items that represented the connection of the hand to the body and the body to the magic in it produced by simply being in the world.

Wearables Worn By: Deborah Bagg, Brynn Chrisman, Alexandra Fanning, Hannah Harpole, Remy Holwick, Leah Moon, Kat Ross, Alex Schiavoni, Samantha Story