Virtual Space & Mane Theory

October 2021


Going Virtual

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the concept of truisms, which is a word I learned from the work of Jenny Holzer. Specifically, I’ve been thinking about ideas I’ve held onto for a long time and whether they are still accurate or not. I’ve always believed site specificity to mean that works of art are designed specifically for a particular location and must have a relationship with that location.

My drive to create immersive installations was to offer visitors an experience, whatever that meant to them. But what if this experience wasn’t limited to three dimensional spaces? What is the realm of possibility in virtual spaces?

Through a generous and talented family member, Studio EPB recently acquired a powerful PC to start playing with programs like Tilt Brush, Gravity Sketch, Unity and Blender. Each program offers its own interpretation on the possibilities of virtual space. We are still in the infancy of determining just how to create immersive worlds through VR, AR and XR adaptations but we are pretty excited to keep diving deeper.

Fulbright Application for Indonesia

With a lot of guidance from The Office of Global Awards at NYU, I completed a Fulbright Application in hopes of returning to Indonesia in 2022. The focus of my proposal was to study the Batik as an important form of intangible cultural heritage and an archive of Javanese tradition. Through the process of writing the application, I connected with the Centre for Creative Heritage Studies at Universitas Ciputra. The Centre is dedicated to the promotion of Indonesian culture that can improve the welfare and national pride of the country.

In response to the topic of localism, I was invited as a guest lecturer for the University’s Art and Design curriculum. We delved into the topics of intellectual property, the possibility of circular economies in fashion and strategies for avoiding cultural appropriation. Regardless of the Fulbright application’s outcome, I hope to continue to work with communities in Indonesia for many years to come.

Batik made in the village of Giriloyo, purchased in 2018

Mane Theory
An Independent Study for Fall 2021

I am beginning an independent study on contemporary hair wearing practices. The scope of the research examines the intersection between prosthetic hair pieces (wigs) in medical, modest, religious, Black and performative contexts. In the upcoming months, I will be combining first person interviews, object analysis and the auto-ethnographic journey into the world of hair. Keep a look out for a documentation portal on the Studio EPB website.

Until soon, lots of love, gratitude and curiosity.


Image from the workshop of Raffaele Mollica, NYC