Untitled Vitrine Works


This series of works were inspired by the earlier works of Felix Gonzalez Torres, specifically works that were created to be multiples. “Much of Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ work attempted to dispel the notion of a single, discrete original. His candy piles were made available to viewers to snatch up. By entering in a partnership with a collector, Gonzalez-Torres gave the owner the responsibility of replenishing his work. A collector might give the work to an institution that would then oversee the work’s permanence. This was something Gonzalez-Torres was interested in – that there would be a caretaker for his work and ideas long after he was gone.”[1]

I created a series of pedestals of plexi and glass containing artifacts, costumes worn during performances exploring power dynamics. Each pedestal was meant to be reconstructed according to certificate of authenticity, also acquired with purchase of the work. This passed on a sense of collaboration and authorship to the new owner of each piece.

Below is an example of the certificate of authenticity for the piece Untitled Pedestal 1, featured in Personal, Private, Public, exhibited at the Young Curators, New Ideas III at the PPOW gallery in New York, NYC.


• Pedestal to be custom fabricated 3/8 glass with polished edges, 15x15x48”

• Placement should be specifically designated for site specific location, pedestal received on site.

• Object of personal satisfaction, addiction, desire or compulsion should be placed inside the pedestal on the ground.

• Glass is to be destroyed with a blunt object such as a hammer over the object inside the pedestal, allowing for artist’s maximum intimate engagement in the destructive act.

• The above procedure should be documented in multiple forms.

• Pieces of glass can be move and re-arranged within 24 hours of the act of destruction.

• Re-location of the piece is not permissible, intention to remove the piece signifies the completion of the installation, at which time the piece must be disposed of with supervision of the artist.

• Object inside pedestal can be returned to owner for reproduction of sculpture work or personal use.