Presentation at University Ciputra

For this joint lecture hosted by Universitas Ciputra Centre for Creative Heritage Studies in 2021, the topic was localism and sustainability in fashion. I spoke alongside professors from Rangsit University, Thailand and Universitas Ciputra, Indonesia.

My approach to redesigning our relationship to fashion and clothing focused on understanding one’s own identity through lineage and place of origin. I broached the topic of cultural appropriation but discussing TCE’s or traditional cultural expressions. “TCE’s are the creative products of indigenous communities and are a reflection of cultural heritage and social identity” says Hardik Mittal.

So much of what is seen in mainstream fashion originates from TCE’s, historically without acknowledgement or accreditation of the source. By creating a strong bond with one’s own cultural history, protecting TCE’s becomes possible. During the Q&A, the panel discussed the importance of maintaining a strong sense of local identity to build more equitable relationships within the fashion industry.