Summer Solstice + Performance in Berlin

June 2021


I am so pleased (and continuously awestruck by the power of time passing) to acknowledge the summer solstice of 2021. This is the time we celebrate long days and perhaps hot nights.

A few things have been cooking in the Studio EPB world that I’d like to share.

Devils Tower, Wyoming was the first United States National Monument, and also the image from the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

This May, I drove across the country on an adventure to visit friends and family all over the United States. I saw much of America and stopped in various regions, all of which floored me with their unique culture and beauty. My sense of America was most appropriately supported by the story of the blindfolded men and the elephant.

Often, each of us views the country through our own lens. It was a real pleasure to see friends and family, drop into the glory of this vast land and expand my perspective a little beyond my own self imposed blindfold. After all of it, I most cherished returning home.

Serendipitously, I arrived in New York just as my beloved music family Cookie Tongue started their cross country tour.

This summer, Studio EPB will be expanding to house a growing sculptural installation inspired by underwater organisms, polyamory, and bathing paraphernalia locally sourced in Bushwick. We now have an active Instagram and would be happy to connect on this social platform with you.

As always, drop us a line or come visit soon, now that we’re collectively making our way back to in person connections.