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Artist Collective & Zine



Noun/ ‘snag’

-an irregularity that suggests the result of tearing; especially a pulled threat in fabric “a snag in her stocking”

According to us, it is also

1. A Bushwick-based artist collective working in contemporary and traditional fibers process, dedicated to confronting the divide between notions of “art” and “craft”. We believe that fibers practice is historically rooted in the domestic sphere, inextricably linked to feminism and speaks to the role of labor. Acknowledging both personal narratives and institutional history, members seek to create new models for making and viewing work. SNAG rejects the need for a white cube model or canonization, instead drawing inspiration from DIY ethic and punk ideology.

A snag is both a mistake and an opportunity. It creates a rupture or a projection, offering permeability to the other side. One snag, one fissure, one bump indicates the importance of detail to the whole. Fibers is a practice of tending to details. Attributed to Mies Van Der Rohe, the architect who famously said, “God (or the Devil) is in the details.”

(In conclusion) It isn’t lost on us that we are living during a time of cultural SNAG where meanings, definitions, identities, and ideologies are being called into question more rapidly than we can stitch them back together. Whatever your definition of these concepts, we welcome the dialog and discourse that we dream will emerge as a result.

With love and pin cushions,
SNAG Co-Founders and Members

Liza Buzytsky
Tessa Estelle Kramer
Caroline Stinger