Sacred Erotica Collaboration


“It is not ‘the answer’ that we must seek but rather a continuous ‘process of answering’…Needed, then, is not a dialogue but a multilogue, the outcome of which is not a single, rational plan but a richly nuanced sensitivity.” The Saturated Self by Kenneth Gergen

In the spring of 2018, Amanda Gould and I met in the mountains of the Northern New Mexico. Later in the year, we came together to collaborate and nurture a brainchild and passion endeavor here on out referred to as the Holy Wow.

Holy Wow is a product of our Postmodern world. Finished is the era of one way, one guru, one answer at the end of a long road of institutionalized schooling. We have teachers and go to school and attend workshops, but we believe that life is both more complicated and more simple than any system could understand. So often, we use words that move us from the sacred and intuitive to the studied and compartmentalized. We are situated in the middle of a rich, globalized culture. We are rooted in place and informed by nature’s ways. Nature is the goddess around us and within us. We learn from teachers we respect and bridge traditions that have worked for centuries with those that have worked for us and our friends.

Holy Wow is our “process of answering”, referring back to Gergen’s text. We pull from yoga, different modalities of bodywork, ceremonial traditions from all over the world, Postmodern theory, cultural practices, social justice, sacred subversion, priestess worship, ecosexuality, and from our own experiences. We live this journey in our daily lives with friends and lovers. We are a community of support.

We have asked ourselves what happens when we unleash our power? Please do not confuse this with Trump’s baby ego and Fyre festival’s reckless, crass, elitist garbage. Our power is an overflowing well that resides inside us and is connected to the earth and sun and moon and all our ancestors. And, perhaps most importantly, it is connected to each other; the humans and plants and animals with whom we share this life. When we remember this power and feel it surging through our bodies, radiating from every energy point, from our root to our heart to our crown, we are infinite. And we are at peace. And we are capable of ecstasy (yes, it’s chemical too, but you can’t find this in a pill). And we are capable of being strong in the world in a way that is truly resilient and fierce and compassionate.

In the Holy Wow, we are exploring a “richly nuanced sensitivity”. What do you know? We want to know. What have you seen and done and felt? They are your badges of honor on your path of transformation. You have been wounded, but you have never been broken. Industries of medicine have marketing budgets the size of GDPs of entire countries to convince you that you have been broken. We are no longer seduced by this modernist suppression that they could possibly know everything about you. Let’s open the “multilogue” and undertake this journey together.