Cord Cutting Archive

All this stuff happening over the course of the year and what is interesting is I did not really know what was going on, because no one did. But I ordered these threads, these ropes the week before, and they arrived that weekend before we left. So, I started this piece exactly a year ago and it feels kind of momentous to have the anniversary be today. Even though we are not out of this yet, I was thinking about it is as this archive of quarantining. I think a year is a solid demarcation with time. So, it is not finished, because nothing is finished. But it feels like a good moment to put it away. And sort of interesting that I felt something was going on before… And so I started making this piece back then. And now I feel kind an intuition of something else going on. There is another brink of something else. We probably will have to cut it open because I wove into the ceiling. I wove it around. A little more permanent than I thought. Everything is adjustable, you know? To have it live here for six months, and before that, it lived in bags and boxes traveling everywhere I wanted. So I think what will happen is, it will get reinstalled at some point, but it will have a different shape. Honestly, I personally do not have an attachment to it, I do not have a fear around cutting. Because it is like an important gesture. Sometimes you just have got to cut it loose. Shedding in the springtime. Alright, so now we are on the other side. This feels really tense for me. And this one is just totally running out. Cut those bangs.

To cut those psychic cords it is sometimes very painful. I am remembering when I was in the sex cult and I went to one of their events. At these four day long events and they had a cord cutting ceremony where you could go, and get like your psychic cords, cut. Powerful. A lot of yelling. It is not going to be freeing if there are not some mistakes. There are some mistakes. This is really hard for me right now because I feel it is so beautiful. I do not want to let it go, and it is, exactly, what is going on like in my life. I feel this pleasure with this thing I just I do not want to let go of. There it goes.