The Buffalo Play

Set Design and Installation
Nylon netting

“In a small-town jail cell just outside Yellowstone National Park, an East Coast social justice worker awaits her arraignment. Her crime? “Calf-napping.” When she finds herself with a dead baby bison, its mother, and a local rancher as her cell mates, she’s forced to reckon with her worldview. In The Buffalo Play, wildness takes over, women and buffalos dish on sex, guts become armor, and media is an unavoidable storm. Inspired by true events, The Buffalo Play poses the question: “What kind of an idiot puts a baby bison in the back of their car?”

Inspired by real events.  

Written by Ciara Griffin & Kendra Mylnechuk Potter
Directed by Mason Wagner
With Jeremy Sher & Sukha Belle Potter

Premiered at The Tank, NYC on May 8, 2019

This project was a result of the wonderful collective of artists and writers known as the MT + NY Collaborative where great minds between Montana and New York City come together to create, share, and support creative endeavors.